Friday, February 6, 2015

The One Where Humor Dies Cause Politicians Have a Stick Up Their Ass

Yes. This is about the #AIBRoast. It infuriates me that consenting ADULTS, who presumably have a say in what they watch, where they go, who they do and what they say are constantly monitored, vilified and harassed by the culture police.

I'm trying so very hard to not let this post degenerate into bad words, curses and insults.But damn, it is so very tempting.

Who are these people. Where do they live? Don't they have jobs to go to? Do they worry about hunger or dowry or female infanticide? Or is their passion to take offense only limited to "religion" and "tainting of indian culture"

What is this Indian culture? I'd really like to know.

Is it the thousands and thousands of girls being killed in the womb every year?

Is it dowry?

What about arranged marriages?

Maybe rampant sexual abuse?

How about politicians not being able to laugh at themselves, including the biggest and most narcissistic one of them all?

Do Hindu-Muslim riots portray the very best of Indian Culture? Godhra definitely brought that out splendidly.

Or maybe it's vandalism when things don't go your way? Or someone voices an opinion you don't agree with.

I think these are wonderful examples of Indian Culture. And if this is what they are trying to save and protect, they are doing a marvelous job.

Let's talk about religion now. I think I am right when I say all religions, portray 'their God' to be aninvincible creator, omnipresent, eternal and loving.

And yet, "God" needs our help, to protect him/her/it. (I am sure someone, somewhere is going to take offence to the pronoun So...please..go ahead)

"God" - eternal and invincible "God" needs the help pf puny, finite, human beings, with our spindly limbs, weak bodies, and extremely stupid thought processes to stand up and take offence on behalf of him/her/it.

Do we hear ourselves? Do we pause for a minute, like 60 seconds and actually think about what we say? Really? It is sheer idiocy and extreme vanity to think we, little specks of dust in a vast, unimaginable universe, even matter.

The widespread, rampant, stupidity present in India constantly amazes me. We are so quick to take offense if the joke is on us, so very quick, and yet, we laugh at all the hundreds and thousands of other stereotypical jokes we hear everyday.

What is becoming of us? Moral policing will have us only listen to the things they deem acceptable, think the way they do, marry the people they want us to marry.

WTK (yes, it's a better version of wtf)

Is India any better than Russia? North Korea? Is that the country our former great leaders envisioned? They lived and died for freedom, freedom for everyone.

It is high time we took our freedom back from the moral police and the ignorant asses who run our country.

Friday, November 28, 2014

He is coming

He is coming

For the needy, the guilty, and the downtrodden. 

He is coming, 

For the oppressed and the hated.

He is coming, 

For the confused and the troubled. 

He is Coming. 

For the blessed and the unblessed. 

He is Coming,

For the loved and the unloved. 

He is Coming,

To give meaning to life, 

He is Coming. 

To honor the scars, 

He is Coming.

To hold us close,

He is Coming

To give us hope

He is Coming

To show us the way

He is Coming

         And my heart shouts with Joy,  

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

9 Reasons Why The Arranged Marriage Process Sucks


1) It's 2014 y'all, about time we let people meet organically and get to know each other first. 

2) The 'my parents know what I want or need better than I do' mentality drives me up the wall. If that's the case, then DUDE, you shouldn't be marrying at all. If there's a problem in the marriage, would your parents work on it? Or Would you? Seriously? 

3) I'm going to open my feminist mouth and say it...the arranged marriage process is PATRIARCHAL.  

4) It is demeaning, insulting and mortifying to be judged by random strangers based on your height, weight, color, salary, caste & religion. 

5) 'Everyone around me is getting married. I should to. So mummiji and daddyji, please find someone for me' - Like seriously, WHAT? This ain't some walk in the park yo! To quote Russell Peters - Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad

6) "Beta, you are 25 years old now - Time to get married". Why? Do I have a shelf life? Will I magically cease to exist as a person once I'm over 30? Apparently, the answer to this is YES. If I'm not married, happily or otherwise,before 25, I'm really only half a woman. After all, the goal for every woman on the planet is to be married and have kids. Right?

7) The intense pressure to fit some pre-conceived notion of what is beautiful or desirable or valued. The arranged marriage process creates a space where individuals try desperately to fit into these molds and into these constricting boxes, when in reality, they should be open and honest about themselves. 

 8) The involvement of Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary and Jane in a process that is so very private and has the potential of causing serious mental damage. Ok! So maybe I'm over-reacting a little bit about the mental damage, but dealing with feelings of rejection and low self esteem are not exactly walks in the park. 

9) The hetero-normative standards in the process. 

-The boy will do this and the girl will do this.
-She must have a career but it must not be as important as his. 
-She should be willing to give it up anytime.  
- He must earn more than her
- Must be older
-Must be taller

So many musts and should's and have to's. Where is the fluidity, the compromise, the adjustment?

Arranged marriages are not for everyone. This post is not trying to belittle anyone who has found happiness through it.